Completed Projects

Citizen's First Campaign on Accountability for Drinking water and Sanitation - Phase 1

Main Objective: The objective of the project is to empower the urban community on water supply and sanitation rights by creating a citizen’s platform- primarily knows as Basti Vikas Manch.

Funder: Water Aid
Focus Area: Advocacy & Capacity building

Crossing Boundaries

Main Objective: The Crossing Boundaries has sought to promote an interdisciplinary approach in analyzing and understanding water resource management issues.

Funder: DGIS, Wageningen University
Focus Area: Research, Capacity building

Documenting Disappearing Water bodies of Hyderabad City: Social Technological Options for Drinking Water Supply

Main Objective:

Funder: Department of Science & Technology (DST)
Focus Area: Research

Peri-urban Water Security in South Asia: Adapting to Climate Change and Urbanisation

Main Objective: To understand the implications of urbanisation processes for water access and use in peri-urban locations in South Asia. Further the project examines the water related vulnerability, adaptation and resilience of different social groups in the context of climate change.

Funder: IDRC, Canada
Focus Area: Research, Advocacy, & Knowledge Mobilization

Rural to Urban Transitions and the Peri-Urban Interface: Identifying, Mapping, and Understanding Peri-Urban Areas in India and Pakistan

Main Objective: To engage experts, scholars, promising young professionals, and students from India and Pakistan in a complex research problem in order to develop mutual interests and relationships around the topic of rural to urban transitions and peri-urban interfaces in South Asia.

Funder: East- West Center, Hawaii
Focus Area: Research

Stimulating Community Mobilisation for Effective Management of Solid Waste for the Revival of Hameed Khan Kunta (lake)

Main Objective: Creating an improved understanding of the Community Waste Management and its strategic significance in the revival of the Hameed Khan Kunta lake.

Funder: US Consulate
Focus Area: Research, Advocacy, & Knowledge Mobilization

Transnational Policy Dialogue for Improved Water Governance of the Brahmaputra River - Phase I & II

Main Objective: To initiate the dialogue process for smooth water management between the Brahmaputra river riparian countries.

Funder: Asia Foundation, India
Focus Area: Advocacy and Research

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