South Asian Water (SAWA) Leadership Programme on Climate Change

Overview and Objectives

South Asian Water (SAWA) Leadership Programme on Climate Change is a fellowship program that awards fellowship to women enrolled in master's level Interdisciplinary Water Resources Management (IWRM) program across four universities in South Asia. The programme has evolved as a continuation to the Crossing Boundaries (2005-2012) and SAWA Fellowship (2012-2016). The current fellowship program aims at facilitating the creation of a group of interdisciplinary women leaders in south Asia, having a common understanding of the crosscutting scientific and societal issues of water resource management. Since this programme lays emphasis on leadership and intensive trainings, the number of awards is less in comparison to the earlier phase. The duration of the project is 4 years (2017-2021) with a funding support from International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada. South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary water resources studies (SaciWATERs) is the nodal agency in the implementation of the program and also functions as the coordinating body with the program partners and IDRC.

Duration and Funding

The project envisions creating 36 women water leaders in South Asia to deal with the issues of climate change and water from an interdisciplinary lens, through awarding fellowships to support their research and training. It is envisioned that this needs to be supported by a broader base of trainers and researchers, both men and women, such that the future efforts of the potential women leaders are not only understood and accepted, but can bear fruits in an enabling environment. This will thus have to be supported by capacity building of the coordinators and the faculty at the PIs towards promoting an interdisciplinary approach to water education. In order to promote an environment in which the women leaders will be able to work more effectively, the project envisions training a broader base of male and female water professionals enrolled into the Masters program though not supported directly by the fellowship through common curriculum development and lectures by experts.

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Project Team

Dr.Sreenita Mondal
Project Coordinator

Ms.Shreya Chakraborty
Research Fellow

Ms.Carolin Arul
Program Coordinator

Mr.Mohammad Shahjahan Mondal
Program Coordinator

Mr.Robert Dongol
Program Coordinator

Ms.N D K Dayawansa
Program Coordinator



Dr.Sucharita Sen
Project Incharge


Ms.Monica Priya
Project Coordinator


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