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The dissemination workshop for the project Drought Preparedness of Vulnerable sections in Rural Telangana, was organised on the 22nd December 2017. The workshop brought together an unlikely group of disciplinary and institutional backgrounds in an interdisciplinary engagement. The participants included members from government research think-tanks and training organisations in rural development and disaster management, academics, civil society organisations working at the grassroot levels, government officials at the state policy level as well as officials of line departments at the district and mandal level. The rich debates with regard to methodology between sciences, social sciences, policy, extension, as well as implementation brought to the forefront the various challenges as well as potential methods of doing interdisciplinary research in the field of ‘Drought’ which is a highly multisectoral issue. It also brought out the importance of understanding the gaps between policy statements, intents, and implementation in local contexts to better inform policy recommendations.

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