The Water Quality Project is implemented in partnership with State Government of Telangana with the support of Water Aid India. The Project attempts to plug the gaps in the existing National Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program (NRDWQMSP) in the State of Telangana and activate the dormant systems and institutions at local level for sustainability. The Project aims:

  • To assess the gaps in NRDWQMSP implementation,
  • To assess the performance of Water Quality Testing Laboratories at district, division and sub-division levels in the State,
  • To enable Government institutions to develop pilot villages and influence State government to replicate the models to streamline water quality monitoring in the state.

For the first time SaciWATERs as a research institute is implementing a developmental project on water supply and sanitation service delivery for knowledge mobilization. The project is implemented across 16 villages of Nizamabad district in Telangana.