Waterman Capacity Building Training

SaciWATERs in partnership with the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department (Government of Telangana) and WaterAid India is conducting a Capacity Building training of Village Waterman to assure safe drinking water and sustainability of water resources in Nizamabad district, Telangana on 23rd -24th December 2015. The Watermen from 16 villages will participate in the training program organised at Hotel Kapila, Nizamabad. The training is organized as part of the ongoing Water Quality Project in Nizamabad to understand the methods of chlorination and minor repairs of the water supply infrastructures, establish the linkages between drinking water and sanitation, and the methods of bacterial contaminations and to develop the waterman’s skills in understanding water quality reports shared by the district laboratories.

Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

On 28th July 2010, UnitedNations General Assembly (UNGA) recognized the human right to waterand sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water andsanitation are essential to realization of all human rights. Everyyear 10th December is observed as Human Rights Day throughcampaigns, rallies, conferences, meetings, cultural events andexhibitions. This Year 2015 is celebrated with the theme of “OurRights, Our Freedom, Always”.

Human Rights Day is often observed forjustice against war crimes, health care facilities and gender rights,very little focus is paid towards water and sanitation that are basicneeds for right to life and human dignity. Therefore, SaciWATERs, awater focused South Asia Research Institute located in Hyderabad, onthe occasion of Human Rights Day carried out rallies with ruralschool children and villagers in Nizamabad district to spread themessage of human rights to water and sanitation. The villagers andthe school children spread the message of water to be free fromcontamination that can pose threat to human health and the facilitiesto be accessible and within safe reach. SaciWATERs is working acrossthe rural Nizamabad through establishing decentralized water andsanitation committees, building capacities of these institutions todemand their rights over clean water and sanitation services, anddeveloping ownerships of water supply and sanitation facilities forsustainability purpose. The project is supported by WaterAid andimplemented in partnership with the State Water and SanitationMission, Government of Telangana.

Mandal Level Training for Village officials

SaciWATERs team along with water quality labs officials and WATSAN experts conducted series of mandal-wise workshops for village officials to gain knowledge on pressing issues of water, sanitation and hygiene. The workshop focused on approaches and strategies for creation of access to safe water and sanitation. The workshops saw participation of close to 250 people including officials from the RWSS Department, Water quality lab and village officials of 16 Villages. Village officials have shown a positive response to make ODF villages.

Rallies on World Toilet Day

SaciWATERs team along with ZPTC members, sarpanchs, VWSC members, panchayat presidents, residents, teachers and students organized rallies in four villages to spread awareness on urgent need to end the sanitation crisis. Students carried placards which contained messages on hygiene practices and importance of safe sanitation

Field Staff Training

After consulting and assessing the need of the field staff during the Water Quality Staff meeting, the important aspect that came up was to necessitate skill development on WASH related knowledge. Moreover staff sensitisation on important interdisciplinary consequences of poor Water Quality and Surveillance on ground was found to be a key need. Additionally, it was noted that the capacity building on WASH related policies, issues and institutional arrangement would enhance to reach out ground level problem.

In view of above, a two day skill building program has been planned from 19thto 20th of October 2015. In this workshop staff will enhance their knowledge on pressing issues of water quality, sanitation and solid waste.