Citizen’s First Campaign on Drinking Water and Sanitation Accountability

Scaling pilots at City level

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Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to create awareness among the marginalized slum dwellers for their right to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and to empower them towards articulating their rights and entitlements with the concerned authorities through participatory, organized and collective advocacy platform of Vasti Bikas Manch (BVM). It aims to create a federation of BVM at slum, cluster and city level to continue the ongoing activities and to take up new challenges related to solid waste management, school sanitation, Nalla treatment etc at different levels of the BVM.

The specific objectives of the proposed project are as follows:

  • To facilitate horizontal expansion and vertical deepening of BVMs at slums, clusters and city level. The purpose is to create a federation of BVM by streamlining its governance structure, and mainstreaming gender participation
  • To capacitate BVM in implementing of solid waste management practices at cluster level/ slum level.
  • To capacitate BVM members for undertaking campaign on WASH issues like government school sanitation, water rights, nalla management at a city level
  • To educate and empower BVM members on legal literacy, judicial activism with a purpose to capacitate them in articulating and fighting for their own WASH rights