Water Security in Peri-Urban South Asia

Adapting to Climate Change and Urbanisation

Internship Reports


Analysis of Impact of Development projects on Water Security of the Mayur River in Khulna - Kousik Ahmed and Prosun Kumar Ghosh

Analysis of Potential Suitable Sites for Effluent Treatment Plant in KHULNA City of Bangladesh - Uzzal Kumar Gayen and Masudur Rahman

Assessing Farmers Attitude Towards Compost Generated from KCC Solid Waste - Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee

Assessing Soil Quality and Yield Perfomance of Rice under Conventional and Non-Conventional Irrigation Water in Western Fringe of Khulna city, Bangladesh - Md. Rakibul Islam

Assessing the Water Sediment and Soil Quality of Mayur river Khulna Bangladesh - Milon Kumar Shaha, Khandoker Qudrata Kibria, Dilip Kumar Datta

Hydrochemistry and Pollution Load in the Mayur River - Safiqul Islam, Farjana Akter, Kousik Ahmed, Rezaul Karim

Hydrochemistry, Hydromorphology and the Social Dynamics of the River Mayur - Rezaul Karim, Farjana Akter and Koushik Ahmed

Impact of Sluice Gate Operation on the Peri-urban Water Uses A case study on the Mayur River - Farzana Karim

Performance Analysis of Undrainable Constructed Wetlands for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Using Duckweed Species - Md. Mahbubur Rahman and Masudur Rahman

Physico-Chemical Characterictics oc Wastewater Generated in Khulna Municipal Area of Bangladesh - Uzzal Kumar Mridha and Masudur Rahman

Quality and Suitability of ground water for drinking purposes

Recent Geomorphological changes of Mayur river Khulna Bangladesh - Md. Ali Akber, Dilip Kumar Datta and M Shah Alam Khan

Regulatory Protection of the River Mayur - Abdullah-Al-Masud, Firoz Ahmed, Dilip Kumar Datta, M Shah Alam Khan

Wastewater characteristics Of Khulna municipal area in Bangladesh - Uzzal Kumar Mridha


A Case StudyofPrivate Water TankersintheHyderabad Peri-Urban Area

Availability, Consumption and Water Problem In Budhera And Sadhrana - Prthviraj Borah

Changing Usage and Access to Common Property Resources (CPRs) in a Peri-urbanContext - Sumit Vij

Innovation for Humanity Report - Xi Feng, Jesus Mariscal, Shervin Esfahani, Thomas Hofer

Inequities in drinking water access: tiny drops or full flow? - Afke van der Woude

Report on Urbanization and its impacts on water availability in Aliabad village in Hyderabad - XIMB

Summer Internship Report - Swapna Uddaraju

Water; problems, regularity, availability in Budhera and Shadrana related with the political scenario - Tanmoy


Climate Change and the impact on Agriculture in Kathmandu valley - Lieke Melson

Emerging trends in groundwater exploitation and their impact on equity in access to drinking water supply among various communities in Jhaukhel VDC, Bhaktapur district, Nepal - Kanchan Karki

People's perception on agricultural water security emerging from climate change and Urbanization in Kathmandu valley - Monica Mahajan

Promotion of rooftop rainwater harvesting in Kathmandu: Anallysis of potential, Possibilities and Constrains - Jeevan Kasula

Traditional practices and Knowledge system in Integrated wastewater management in Kathmandu valley: Case study of Khokana VDC - Jagam Shrestha